Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jennifer Aniston plans early birhtday bash reports say the couple reported another break up

Jennifer Aniston is throwing caution to the wind and heading to foreign shores with John Mayer for her 40th birthday, according a new report.

The actress is reportedly planning an early birthday celebration in Beverly Hills on February 7, four days before she hits the big 4-0.

Then, it's claimed the Marley & Me star will be leaving Tinsletown behind for a more intimate celebration with her man.

Jen recently told France's Closer magazine, "Everyone’s been asking me if I worry about being nearly 40, but no, not really.

"These days I’m a lot more serene and I’m ready to embrace a new decade."

The reports of Johnnifer's birthday rendezvous come only days after the couple reported to have broken up...again.

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