Sunday, January 11, 2009

Popular Ugg boots worn by many celebs experts warn could cripple women

POPULAR Ugg-style boots could cripple women, experts have warned.

Problems linked to the trendy footwear have soared in recent years — as sales have gone through the roof.

The soft structure and heel-less sole is said to increase the risk of ankle sprains and bad posture.

And they create a breeding ground for fungi that cause foot infections. The boots, which cost from £50 to £100, are favoured by celebs such as Katie Price and Coleen Rooney who like their soft sheepskin interior.

And their woollen or sheepskin exteriors go with anything from skinny jeans to dresses.

But podiatrist Linda Hawkins, of Lee, South London, said: “Sheepskin boots, like other footwear without heel and sole support, are only suitable for short-term wear.

“Use all day leads to the boot structure breaking down, increasing the risk of a twisted ankle.”

Pharmacist Hasan Ukra, who works in the flagship Boots store in London’s Oxford Street, said: “Wearing these kind of boots could increase the risk of fungal infections due to the moist environment created.

“And I’ve seen a marked rise in ankle sprains due to the soft and comfortable nature of the boots.”

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