Sunday, January 11, 2009

Psychic Uri Geller wants Michael Jackson to launch a comeback

Uri Geller wants pal Michael Jackson to launch a pop comeback.

The psychic reckons Jacko, 50, will be revitalized health wise if he sets himself a goal to achieve.

‘Michael was always fragile, but he gets incredible energy, motivation and inspiration when he engages himself with music,’ Uri explains.

‘He has always lived through that, and when he’s not writing or producing, when he’s not dancing in that incredible way of his, all you really have left is this vulnerable person in a wheelchair. He should be more than that.’

Uri, 61, also defends Michael’s parenting skills. The Thriller star was criticized for hanging his youngest son Prince Michael Jackson II, now 6, out of a balcony in November 2002.

‘I believe he is a good father,’ he tells The New Review. ‘Sure he’s made mistakes – dangling the baby out of a window was not a good idea – but he’s a dedicated dad who loves them very much.’

Jacko is also dad to son Prince Michael Jr and daughter Paris Katherine with ex-wife Deborah Rowe.

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