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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

(12A) 165mins

CARING for six kids and Angelina Jolie is bound to put a few grey hairs on a man’s head – but this is ridiculous. Poor Brad Pitt looks about 80.

Don’t worry, the world’s most desirable man hasn’t really lost his golden locks. It’s just computer wizardry.

Pitt plays Benjamin Button, a man who is born looking like an 80-year-old and then ages backwards.

With saggier jowels than Mick Jagger, he is such an ugly critter his father abandons him newborn on a doorstep. It happens to be an old people’s home, so Benjamin blends in.

Here Pitt does his best acting yet. He is a totally believable old man and the humour is well mined, with Benjamin saying things like “I’m seven but I look a lot older.”

Brad also narrates and his voice is even more handsome than his face, although the New Orleans southern twang is a bit over-cooked at times.

Benjamin falls for Daisy (Cate Blanchett) and for a few sweet years when they are similar ages the couple are deliriously happy.

But a relationship where one person is heading towards adolescence and the other towards infirmity is set for emotional turmoil and your critic has to confess to using a hanky to dab away the tears.

Director David Fincher, who worked with Brad on Se7en and Fight Club, perhaps overdoes the meditations on time and death.

But he puts his £75million budget to good use, throwing in a thrilling piece of Second World War action and sumptuous New Orleans settings.

So whether you are young, old or somewhere in the middle, make sure you find time for this Saga saga.

BEST LINE: Benjamin asks Daisy: “Will you still love me when I have acne?”

BEST CHARACTER: Benjamin doesn’t act his age.

FAMILY RATING: Some adult themes.

BUM NUMBNESS: It won’t age you.



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