Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sex and the City sequel movie will address the credit crunch

EVEN Carrie Bradshaw has to tighten her designer belt in a recession.

SARAH JESSICA PARKER’S character may have to tone down her lust for labels in the Sex and the City sequel after the actress revealed the movie will address the credit crunch.

She said: “How do we address these economic times in a franchise that has a lot to do with luxury and labels?”

“How do we do that well? And how do we do that in a not lazy way?

“There is a lot that we have to think about because times are very different. So these are nice challenges, these are good challenges.”

But lack of luxury won’t mean a shortage of fun, promised the star.

“I think we want this one to be a romp. The last one, we got to tell a really mature sophisticated story that had real heartbreak in it, and this time, I think we want a romp. We want our audience to have a massive romp.”

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