Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Leonardo DiCaprio Donates $1M to Tiger Conservation

It’s usually not so difficult for a movie star to give away $1 million, but today’s latest celebrity news is that after a journey fraught with problems, Leonardo DiCaprio did just that at a summit in St. Petersburg, Russia. The odyssey started out when Delta Flight 30 had to make an emergency landing in New York after engine problems. However, in true celebrity style, DiCaprio signed autographs for the flight crew and passengers after the ordeal was over.

After arriving in Russia, DiCaprio joined heads of government for the first ever summit for saving tigers. There, he donated $1 million to the World Wildlife Fund’s urgent tiger conservation efforts. Once he’s back stateside, DiCaprio plans to produce and star in a new movie on the John F. Kennedy assassination. He will play FBI informant Jack Van Laningham, who said he witnessed a confession to the assassination by a Mafioso.

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