Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mariah Carey's marriage already on the rocks?

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon married after dating for just 5 weeks

Mariah Carey may already be regretting her whirlwind romance with rapper Nick Cannon.

Sources close to the couple - who have been married less than 3 months – claim they are already having problems.

Nick, 27, is said to be sick and tired of his wife’s diva demands. ‘Things are really bad between them,’ one insider says. ‘The honeymoon period was over before it began.

'Nick’s been surprised at just how demanding his wife is. He moans that she has him waiting on her hand and foot. He’s realised that he doesn’t really like her very much.’

The couple wed on 30 April after dating for just 5 weeks, but even Nick’s friends predicted the marriage wouldn’t last 6 months.

'He treats him like an assistant,' a friend of Mariah's says. 'Not like an equal or her husband.'

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Well, nothing today is truly a surprise with these celebrities and the going on's in their lives. I mean should I be shocked. She's only known the guy for five weeks and knows that he's the right one for her? Hmmmm.... I do hope it does last do not get me wrong. You have to consider that they did not really know each other upon exchanging vows. Do you think this relationship will stand with time?

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