Sunday, July 06, 2008

John Mayer didn't always fancy Jennifer Aniston

John Mayer changed his mind about Jennifer Aniston's sexiness.

John Mayer didn't have the hots for Jennifer Aniston before he met her, say pals of his ex-girlfriend.

The actor, 30, is reported to have told Minka Kelly that he didn’t understand why Jen was such a big star.

‘Throughout their relationship, John would often say: “I really don’t get this Jennifer Aniston thing,”’ Minka's friend insists.

But when he met Brad Pitt's ex-missus, 39, earlier this year, he couldn’t help himself falling for her.

‘Minka received a call from John prior to the story emerging,’ the pal tells OK!

‘He apologised to Minka and said: “Sorry but I’m in love.”’



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